Friday, February 25, 2011

12 days that moulded us...

to my frnds and teachers in SAV...

12 years- right from LKG to Class 10 in S A V

12 years passed away like just 12 days...
the memories are so clear...
the 12 days I would never forget..

11 days ago,
I walked in,
tears flanking my cheeks
I sat in LKG...

10 days ago, 
with a grade's experience, (but still with tears)
I swam in the great river of UKG...

9 days ago,
my cheeks a little less wet,
I dragged myself into 1st grade...

8 days ago,
I proudly declared
that I had become the 1st graders' senior...

7 days ago,
a dynamic 3rd grader,
I bustled around...

6 days ago,
with an extra day in the week,
with new "white 'n white" to wear,
I became a 4th grader...

 5 days ago,
the last year of primary schooling,
I found myself in class 5...

4 days ago,
I found new friends in people who were just a room away last year..
'cause now with a new language
we shared the same room
thats why I'll remember my 6th stndrd...

3 days ago,
the grade we were most free
I enjoyed a lot with my frnds
in class 7...

2 days ago,
I languished all the way 
in class 8...

1 day ago,
with 1 more grade to go
I did my best
to ensure my place
in the school's history
that was class 9...

And today,
like the first day,
(with tears all over my face),
I dont feel like going away
I'm in class 10...

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  1. just getting related to the words...
    liked this..